Nairobi, Kenya – June 4, 2024

The Geothermal Association of Kenya (GAK) met Energy and Petroleum Permanent Secretary, Mr. Alex Wachira to streamline preparations for the Kenya Geothermal Congress, taking place in Nairobi, Kenya from 15-21 July 2024.

The meeting, held at Kawi House Complex, South C, was attended by key representatives from the association and the Ministry. During the discussions, the GAK delegation highlighted the association’s ongoing initiatives in readiness for the Congress.

The PS affirmed his full support for the congress and assured the association of the Ministry’s collaboration in ensuring the event’s success. “This congress comes at a crucial time when Kenya and the world focus on sustainable energy solutions. Kenya is a leader in geothermal development, and this event will solidify our position as a global leader,” said Mr. Wachira.

Kenya Geothermal Congress 2024

Organized by GAK, the Kenya Geothermal Congress 2024 is a premier event bringing together over 650 delegates, including government officials, industry experts, researchers, and investors worldwide to attract investments to Kenya’s vast geothermal sector.

The event will feature keynote speeches, technical sessions, gala dinners, award ceremonies, B2B networking sessions, panel discussions, and exhibitions showcasing the latest advancements in renewable energy technology.

The congress will also provide an excellent opportunity for local communities and other stakeholders to learn about the benefits of geothermal energy and its role in reducing carbon emissions and fostering economic growth.

As preparations intensify, GAK and the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum are working closely to ensure all logistical arrangements are in place, with the Ministry facilitating the necessary permits, security arrangements, and international cooperation to make the event a resounding success.

GAK invites all stakeholders in energy and other sectors to participate in this landmark event that will contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions for Kenya’s industrial development.